Water Resources, Agriculture and Irrigation Development

     Water is undeniably the most important natural resource; no living things can survive without it. As water resources are limited, the current available supply must be managed with great care. When we talk about water resources, we tend to think of agriculture and irrigation systems at the same time, especially in Thailand, where agriculture represents a major sector of the economy. Therefore, it can be reasoned that water resources, agriculture and irrigation should be developed in combination.

     Panya has successfully undertaken more than 100 combined water resources development projects, and over 40 dam and weir design projects, with a total irrigation area of over 5,000,000 rai. These include the RCC and CFRD dams scheme. The dams are more than 80 m high and divert 3,700 MCM/year through 50 km of a 9 m diameter tunnel to feed more than 2,000 km of irrigation canals. This achievement qualifies us as a strong, expert candidate to undertake water resources, agriculture and irrigation development projects effectively and confidently.


  • River basin & water resources conservation, planning and management
  • Dam, weir and reservoir engineering
  • Hydroelectric development
  • Irrigation systems
  • Flood, landslide, windstorm and tsunami prevention and mitigation
  • Groundwater management
  • Agriculture, plantation, cultivation and farming development
  • Crop diversification and agricultural cooperatives
  • Water user group establishment
  • Land use studies
  • Rural development and community management




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