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According to the massive earthquake of 6.3 Richter in Thailand on May 5, 2015, the earthquake occurred on Pha Yao Fault and its center was in the area of Phan and Mae Lao districts, Chiang Rai province, resulting in dramatic damage of buildings and households in Chiang Rai and Phayao provinces.

Fortunately, the seismic force did not affect the Mae Suai Reservoir located in Mae Suai district, about 40 km away from the center of the earthquake. Officers inspected the dam conditions immediately after the earthquake and no abnormality was found.

However, people at the dam downstream still worried over the incident. Besides, there was not any study, plan, prevention measures or risk surveillance in terms of surplus discharge and dam break, which, the latter, caused faster flood and more damage to lives and assets than flood from other causes.

The Royal Irrigation Department had assigned Panya Consultants, Co., Ltd. to study the dam break of Mae Suai Reservoir Project, Chiang Rai Province, in terms of surplus discharge, damage of dam or dam components which may cause flood and flood severity and characteristics, as well as to complete action plan to cope with the dam break. The study would take the period of 10 months.

Project Objectives
1. To study possible damage features of dam when dam break occurs.
2. To study flood characteristics caused by massive drainage and dam break.

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