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It is well-known that the best traffic solution in Bangkok is the monorail system. According to the cabinet’s resolution, the master plan on the rail transport system in Bangkok and its perimeter was approved. Relevant agencies have been assigned to accelerate the operation of responsible projects, one of which is the BMA’s grey line monorail project, in which a consulting group comprising Panya Consultants Co., Ltd., Index International Group Co., Ltd., Phisut Technology Co., Ltd., Ensol Co., Ltd. and TransConsult Co., Ltd. was hired to study the project with a budget of 65.5 million baht. According to the Monday’s report, the study result was presented today.


Question- What kind of model was defined for the grey monorail project?

Answer – The initial routes for the grey line monorail project from Watcharaphon-Rama IX-Tha Phra were determined as elevated tracks along the route from Watcharphon to Tha Phra stations covering 38 stations in total and two maintenance shops. The line starts from Ram Inthra Road to Pradit Manutham Road along Chalong Rat Expressway into the city center in Thong Lo, Sukhumvit, Rama IV, Sathorn, Narathiwat Ratchanakharin and Rama III Road across the Chao Phraya River at the Rama III Bridge passing Mahaisawan Intersection to Tha Phra Junction for 39.91 km. It encompasses three phrases: Phase 1 Watcharaphon-Thong Lo (10.25 km), Phase 2 Phra Khanong-Rama III (12.17 km) and Phase 3 Rama III-Tha Phra (11.49 km).

Question - Will there be any impacts on the project during construction?

Answer - The BMA doesn’t want people to be affected or minimally affected. Project impacts on four key issues were studied – 1. Land expropriation: it is confirmed that no land will be expropriated for the route in Phase 1 but the monorail will be constructed on the footpath without removing infrastructure, 2. Dust during the construction period: there will be preventive measures by covering the construction site with a canvas or spraying it with water to prevent particulate matters and collecting water, air quality, noise and vibration samples throughout the operation period, 3. Transportation: traffic management plans will be proposed to mitigate traffic jam problems during construction and 4. Socio-economy: to consider feasibility in the project nearby areas. The EIA result will be presented to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment for consideration.

Question - How is the EIA principle?
Answer - The most important issue is public participation or public hearing to listen to opinions of people and stakeholders such as community leaders, schools, religious institutions, business owners and others. Those interested can share their views at the project website www.bangkokgreyline.com.

“It is expected that the project study will be completed and operational by the end of 2019. As for the grey line monorail, service efficiency in mass transit systems is considered to ensure convenient, fast and safe connection with low maintenance costs. Meanwhile, the grey line also placed importance on environment and impacts that may arise on people throughout the project operation”.

Thank you for the information source: Thairath online

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